The Widar Dome

An Organo-Dynamic Building out of the Becoming of Man


The building, its purposes and sections

The building has as its aim to have experienced in images and workings the inner qualities of man that carry his development and that are positioneel on the non-visible bodies of life, soul and spirit. As al larger arch the issue at astake is to approach its workings the Word forces of Christ, so that these can be experienced as images and inwardly also inspirational. While Christ is the already realized Son of Man, the entire building in its form giving points also at us with the creative future germs for development that we carry within.


At this moment there is no building or space that expresses the life world as an approach. The starting point of present-day architecture is the square, the cube and the rectangle. These in itself little expressive spaces are practical, for adapter to the vertical pace of present-day man, cohering with his ego-consciousness. In these every man can develop freedom in his thinking. Also the usual ‘organic’ architecture joins this tradition, even though there is a try in it to cut off square angles, have walls not always straight up and place a wall here and there slanted. There are no curved walls that therewith come to life; for reasons of practical use, but as well for fear to loose a hold. The horizontal flour, the vertical wall form the starting point.
And yet every occupates demand for its own form world, and as such needs its own enveloping space to come fully to its right. This of course is only arrived when the people that use these spaces have developed the consciousness to have revenence for their actions and through these want to make a connection all through their actions to the life world that is laying behind the physical realm, through which the spirit works (so practition religion und the purest sense of the word).
The Widar Dome wants to make a starting point out of this; by creating adequate spaces for achting, each space in its own, specific way create the connection to the life words, so that in achting you can make the connection. While man is made up of organic forces, coming from different angles of the cosmos and from multiple life spheres (indicated by the star constellations of the Zodiac and the planets as bodies that encircle those spheres), the spaces in the lying are being given shape out of the formative forces of man, his organ spaces. This because all through those organ processes you can get the reconnection with the life realms of the internal and external world. As such the building has schooling qualities, and can be used as such: it tries to create herewith the entrances to the spirit worlds.
As the Evangelium of John starts with that the World Word has become flesh in Christ who leads entire mankind, thus the Word forces, that are wrijven wtithin Nature as mere letters, but come in man together as an overall composition, are given shape as ideal forms and gestures in the building. Especially with this the possibillity is created that to het a better understanding of these Word forces, you can a gradual portal to the life world, initiated by Christ in the 1st and 2nd parts of the 20th century. You can only achieve this by arousing and developing within yourself the inner organs that makr us observe in those worlds. This is what is called in the Bible the development of the Son of Man. In this way the building will help you to find a gateway to the Word mysteries, for each man on his stage of development, and with his own entrance to this spiritual realm (each person out of his or her own world vision, soul coloring, grounded in is specific constitution, temperament and organ processes).
In order to learn to know the Angel world in its hierarchical ordering en specific workings, there is era large room in which music theater can be performed, in which by the players there can be done in the spirit workings, and thus being lived in to these. This as a path of experience for the player and spectator, which leads to spirit intuition (theater is seen herwith as a method of research to come to the spirit, for working all through the deeds of humans, as an expression of their karma).

See for a first Impression of the Widar Dome on video here

And for a longer Introduction on video with more explanation see here.


About the building

The building has been developed organico-dynamic out of the archetype of what man can become when he enfolds the Son of Man within him. From here the following parts are planned:

* From the outside the building is three folded with a round dome toward the East, in accordance with the spherical thinking; a gesturing, more will-like part toward the West, where in the inside the stage is; and a connecting middle section that is shaped between an antipathetic striving up (a eurythmic ‘N’ gesture) and a sympathetic spreading and beholding (a eurythmic ‘M’ gesture), in accordance with the feeling that in the middle of our being carries our feelings, which balance out between thoughts and will strivings.

* Twelve gates with each a specific gesture, in accordance with the twelve senses. So kuch person can choose how he wants to enter. Behind a gate there is a hall with a colour gesture that in the soul corresponds to that sense. Towards the cellar twelve caves in which the main virtues to be developed are made in gesture sculptures.

4 gates: tactile, warmth, movement and equilibrium senses.
4 gates: olfactory, taste, sight and life senses.
Olfactoy sense, design.
Auditory sense, design.
Sight sense, design.
Ego sense, design.

* Three communal halls with each an own character, in accordance with the soul functions of thinking, feeling and willing. They can be used as foyers and as halls for meetings.

* A theater hall in the middle with five limbed organic shaped tribunes, which are a reflection of one of the organ processes that mirror in the soul. In this hall, giving space to 1008 persons (12 x 7 x 12), will be performed music, theater and music theater that express the workings of the life, soul and spirit.

Theatre hall view from behind the stage.
The gallery sections as seen from the side. Design.

Hall with organic limbed tribunes, and enveloped by a large sculpture of star constellation the Dragon.

The stage as seen through the roof.
The stage as seen from the upper corridor.
The site of the stage and theatre hall in the building.
The Lyre. Clay model.

The stage seen from the hall and from the outside. It is shaped after star constellation the Lyre.

* Three round corridors above each other. On the upper one stand the norten star constellations as inspirationally developed sculptures. On the middle corridor are caves that cohere with the zodiacal constellations in their specific coloured working in the soul, of which the colour in gesture is expressed in sculpturing. Each one corresponding with the gate to the building and its connection to a sense. In th lowest corridor the southern star constellations are sculptured as inspirational gestures, and as well the main virtues as gestures that can lead us to the spiritual world. These spaces are placed in cave spaces that can make these arise.

Perseus, the ego force. Clay model.
The Dragon, wood sculpture
Pegasus, the imaginative thinking. Clay model.
The Whale, clay model.
Andromeda. Wax model.
Lesser Water Snake. Wax model.

Models of the star constellations as gestures.

* Underneath of the theater hall there are spaces that express the organ workings, their reflection in the soul and their connection to the elements in shape, colour and spacial effects.Through working in these spaces, you can get in contact consciously with the elemental worlds in and around you. They are intended as schooling spaces.

Kidney space. Clay model.
Lung space model. Clay.
Liver space. Wax model.

Liver space, entrance.
Liver space from beneath inside.
Liver space from above.

Inner organ spaces:

Openings in the lowest corridor give entrance to the rooms underneath of the theater hall at relevant sites that all are connected to one of our inner organ processes (seven in total).
Four of these rooms, each of which have been given shape out of a specific organ process, that is interconnected to a specific element realm, can give us access to those elemental realms and thus can be applied as schooling sites. Through directed exercises they can give access to these elemental realms (heart – warmth, kidneys – air and light, liver – water/chemistry and sound, lungs – shapes, spaces and life). These rooms are interconnected in a specific manner. Form and colour are closely connected and help you to find the way to the life world all through the soul. Each room has its specific workings:
-The heart room gives the possibillity to work on the different world visions out of our ego-experience as being a point that may grow out again to a periphery and this can help to transform the world all through his ego (the Euclidian point consciousness that works back unto the periphery). It helps you to get in contact with the warmth and the element of fire standing behind this. For that matter, in the top of the round Eastern hall there is a room, corresponding with the crystalline room within our head, where there are twelve windows, each shaped in different form and colour, in which you can experience the twelve world visions in the way you can look through the windows.
-The kidney room gives possibilities to become clear in ones feelings as colours, sounds and form tendencies.They help you to get in contact with the world of light and air. There are being made gesturing colours for objectified feelings (seven pairs): these lead downward into a darkening tunnel that coheres with the spleen process and hence with the memory and deeper willing gestures that shape out fate.
-The liver room gives possibilities to learn to experience the workings of rhythms and sounds in shapes, and to investigate these as form tendencies and willing impulses. To this the formative forces of specific life realms that cohere with specific rhythms are being given shape in gesture sculptures. It helps you yo get in contact with the element of water and its life bringing forces that work through rhythms.
-The lung room in its fivefold division gives possibilities to learn to fathom the secrets of space and time while acting. It is installed in such a way that you can have space experiences in it. It helps you to learn about the element earth, that expresses in form and its significancy to contain the life.
In the rooms and the corridors around and towards these, are standing sculptures of the southern star constellations that cohere with the organ processes. Each southern star constellation coheres with a specific life process and as an ideal can help us to get his gesture conscious again.

There are still another three rooms that cohere with the organs as described above:
-The spleen room; a violet tunnel that leads into the darkness downward in a vaulting way, in which while practicing you can gradually learn by the sculptures that express willing gestures to recognize your own individuality as a precipitation of many incarnations, and therewith get clear your own blockages and possibilities. It learns you to recognize your own karma.
-The gall bladder room(s) is like a widening gate or limbed corridor, coming from the heart room, that is coloured red and has in its sections at its walls geometric-organic shapes, as a pulsing that out of a propelling will force makes paths toward the future. With the help of form workings in the rode gallbladder room you can investigate the force and direction of your willing impulses, and cohering with it your future karma.
-This corridor ends in a vault-shaped room in which the Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel, as well as Christ are expressed in their specific formative gestures. This is the mirror room, in which come together the will workings from the internal world and impressions, ideas and thoughts from the external world (the Cancer cave that connects to this common room). In it are expressed in sculpturing the four developmental rounds of the Earth as cloaks, cohering with one of the four Archangels.
Each room is painted in specific relevant colours, which intensifies the experience. Through light tunnels from the outside with the help of mirrors and/or glass fiber cables the light is conducted to these rooms. It then is colored through glass colour filters. There will be worked with the Sun’s daylight as much as possible.


The three large halls are each of different hight, shape and colour working (brought forth through the window glasses) and can serve as foyers. The sanitary rooms are in between, in the pillar construction of the building. They can be used for conversations, courses and conferences. And of course in the pauzes between performances. They have a communal function, cohere with the external-internal design of the building and are situated each above for sensate entrances. Together with the theatre hall these halls have a more public function openbare; the other parts and organ rooms of the building have a more private character, only accessible for those that want to go through the schooling paths.

View from the South.
View from the Southeast.
View from the Northwest.
View from the Northeast.

Model of the Fjodor Dome with sight on the halls.

Design from the East. Large semi round hall.
Design from the West. View on the stage side.

Design from the Northwest. Lower hall with lesser light.

Design from the Southeast. High colored hall with much light.

Caves and corridors – the chakra’s as developmental gestures

Through the sense gates you come through corridors and spaces and rooms with specific gesturing shapes and colours that correspond with the paths your soul can make from a sense impression all through your being and ever deeper. You will encounter your own possibilities and blockages that you can transform by developing the petals of your chakras or lotus flowers, your own higher sense organs. Each lotus flower has a specific number of petals, eachcohering with a specific virtue gesture to be developed. These you will find as sculptures on your way through the relevant organ process. Then you can penetrate deeper to come to your own ideals. And these are objectified in the inspirational gestures of the star constellations. So you get the possibilities to recognize these and translate hem in your own life and circumstances. The resistances and blockages within yourself and in your life help you to refine your being and your chakras by developing the corresponding virtue gestures. And thus you develop inwardly.

Virtue endurance
Virtue patience
Virtue control
of the tongue
Virtue courage
Some virtue gestures and their caves: patience,
control of the tongue, courage and silencing the senses.

Some virtue gestures in their specific caves.


The building will be made in its main constructive structures in glasfiber concrete, with which any construction and shape can be made, within the boundaries of gravity. This concrete will be finished with different breathing, mostly natural materials like loam, yips, stone tablets and wood. The sculptures will be made in coloured glass, stone, wood and bronze.
Around the theatre hall and underneath of the upper corridor there will be five double rows of pillars. This will enclose the central hall and downward the organ rooms can be partially hang unto these, as well as the different corridors with openings between these pillars. The three halls around and the roof constructions above them have their own fundaments upon which the entire building on the outside is supported. Both constructions bring the point of weight upward, detached from the ground, as the building aims to make a connection between the Earth and the sky (spiritual world).

The entire building is aimed at experiencing the possibilities of the life world, and therewith of Christ, through empathic living into the workings of the life worlds. Thus each human human out of his specific talents to be developed and destiny through specific schooling can develop the inner organs t come to these life worlds, its beings, and learn to work here. The building wants to form a gateway to those worlds, for each one in his of her specific manner.
There can also be applied musical instruments at relevant places, that have been developed specifically for entering the different life realms, amongst others.
The sections and parts of the building have been largely developed in common schooling projects. Through this there has been elaborated social plastic in the overall construction and form giving. Besides the main construction which is rigid, the different rooms, caves and gesturing sculptures, or parts of these, can be transformed and reshaped when this is needed. Through this the building will be in development organically, or organo-dynamical, as well as social-organical.

About the landscape garden

The building is situated amidst a garden in which sculptures, green planting and water movements cohere closely with the organic workings in the building (that merely go out of the human inner world and its connection to the world of the gods), and the external shapes and installations will connect to the elemental worlds and the beings living in these (the Elemental Beings). This will make the transition from the outside to the inside quite organic, and there will arise a breathing whole of landscape garden and inner landscape tempel. The garden aims to get in contact consciously with the forces and beings of nature and connect to these. This is a path of schooling in itself. The sculptures finish the gestures of which nature is not capable because of its urge to not become physical, but remain etheric in its state of revelation. As a basis for these sculptures are taken he archetypal gestures that Christ accomplished in His pace all through the Holy Week before Eastern, in which he revealed one by one the ancient mysteries. In their archetype this is a way in which we can unveil Nature, and when possible reveil and transform it and thus free the beings, with which we can also free ourselves and the Earth. To this aim the garden can work out in a conscious-making and healing way. The Beings of Nature and humans can make renewed encounters after centuries of denial of their existence. This will be an example for the entire culture, where the main tendency is still to compel Nature rather than cooperating with it. The elementary forces that are present in the landscape will be reinforced and made more vivid and conscious by gardening, dynamic water flows and qualitative improvements by organo-dynamic preparates (that work with the positions and movements of the heavenly bodies). This will value the Spirits of Nature and intensify the life flows and forces.
This garden hence connects closely to the buiging and they complement one another. This enlarges the possibilities for the growth of consciousness and inner faculties through schooling and hence the development of inner creative organs.

Garden sculpture “neer Teachings’. Wax model,
will be made in bronze and large sized.
Piéta, garden sculpture to be made in bronze.

Some models of garden sculptures in wax. Underneath as designs.


Processing the shapes and spaces as a social development and manufacturing


At regular meetings Nicholas has worked together with an often changing group of engaged participants at the project. This past all through deliberation, cooperation and image building through clay modeling of soul gestures, moods, ideas and virtues as well as the spaces in which these came forth. The probing on each other of this image building and the impulses and forces that lay behind which is taken from the own life and work. Nicholas works with music and organic clay modeling in schooling paths with these people. He predominantly is occupied with the mage building of the workings of the stars and planets and their reflection in man and the Earth, and investigates how these effects in humans and their behaviour as well in their plastic shaping can be recognized in shape, gesture, attitude. In organic shaping he tries to recognize a universal form language. He investigates the workings of spiritual beings in the forces of Nature through music and music theater. To this aim he has elaborated sonic phenomenology (goethean science) and Astrosophy, so that these can serve as gateways to the life worlds and higher up. All the courses that he gives are more or less cohering with the building, which means that all te developed schooling methods come to an expression in its shapes and spaces.

The model you see on the pictures is made mainly of wood and wax. There is being worked on better designs and as well video’s, which give a more vivid impression of the building in its sections. They follow each a part of the building through one of the sense gates.

See for a first Impression of Temple Theatre the Fjodor Dome here

And for a longer Introduction see here.


There is a group of participants in the Netherlands that want to realize a project of living and working together in a detached community, on or near the ground upon which the building and its garden will come. To have an organical sevenfolded structured, there are 6 people needed to carry the organ-bound functions. These will live and work on or near the field of realization. Each one will work out of is own spiritual luggage, insights and faculties. It is aimed herewith to give spiritual science a renewing impulse, each one out of the initiatives he or she carries along. The area therefor is not only a place for the building, but as well a meeting place for spiritual striving people, within and outside of the community, and tries to radiate this over society and its culture. This while the participants acknowledge and feel a large failure within our society for a spiritual perspective to be directed to and strive for this. We try to broaden out the methods of spiritual science and have these attuned to the rising questions in the moment. And this science can be practiced by each human, regardless his or her education.
On the terrain there will be realized as well:
-Ateliers for artists in different disciplines and directions (writing, painting, music, sculpting, plastic, building, AI).
-A workshop for different materials to be able to experience and thus investigate the forces of the substances in their effects and form tendencies.
-Rooms for different schooling courses, for interessed, for artist, scientist, and as well for companies. Rooms for symposia and congresses.
-Education in Astrosophy in three levels. As well courses in observing Elemental Beings.
-A shop with the own or alienated products and product information.
-Hostel rooms for guests.
-A landscape garden with sculptures and elementary shapes in ground and green to learn to cooperate with nature and its beings.

The community part will be cloaked by an independent house corporation, which however will be in a joint-venture-construction with the Fjodor Foundation that will carry the entire project financially. For information about his, please contact us.

It is the plan that first we build the Fjodor Dome in the Netherlands, en then we make a copy of this in the USA with participants that will carry it there. This is a new mystery impulse that needs to find its way in centers of present-day main culture which is dominated too much by materialisme. It needs a spiritual source that is accessible for each human. The Fjodor Dome and all it stands for and contains is such a source.

Fjodor Logo English

for culture renewal out of the new star wisdom
Smeenk 52, Amstelveen, the Netherlands, EU.
Tel +31-629010787, C. van der Straaten (chairman).
Bank contact: ING Bank Nederland; IBAN: NL20 INGB 0007 7043 70. BIC: INGBNL2A



The building is estimated at about 50 million euro’s. We deal here with the renewal of spiritual impulses which are not supported by our liberal government, and so there is asked financial support from those interested through crowd funding, who carry us a warm heart and will carry in this way the social bed.
There is a circle of friends and spenders, that through regular Newsletters is updated about the progress of the project. The deeper backgrounds are being published in our magazine Starwise. Besides this we still are looking for financiers ad those that stand grant for us. If you feel appealed, please contact us.

For € 35 minimum a year you can become a spender of the Fjodor Foundation. You support us and will receive the Newsletter about the projects and progress of Fjodor and the building.

For active participation in the construction and maintainance of different projects on the terrain and even in preparation to this, there of course is place. Like in the construction, in a directie counsel (within the seven folded organising structure), or in anther manner to be filled in by you.

Nicolaas de Jong.

There is a booklet of the building in design and explanation in preparation. To be ordered for € 15, – shipping costs excluded.
Please order through .

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