A renewed Spiritual High School

on the Basis of an organic Three- and Sevenfoldness

Possibilities to form a renewed Highschool

Out of Fjodor there has been developed a Vision on the sciences in relation to Astrosophy.

In the twenties of the 20th century Rudolf Steiner has given the impulse to a university that has the principle of sense giving and with this of initiation as a guide. He called this the Free University for Spiritual Sciences. This initially existed of seven sections: the Music, Social, Pedagogic, Medicine, Mathematic-Astronomic and Plastic-forming. This was because of the people that Steiner gathered around him, each one of these with their own talents, possibilities and the spiritual impulses they carried along (later on these sections have been broadened out with more). After his death the things have become less clear because of the internal struggles that arose. I leave these beside here, and direct the attention towards the unclear situation in the sciences and education.

In order to get more clarity, it is possible to consider the sciences aut of man. The starting point is the human constitution wherewith he is conscious with his spiritual germ, his ego, in his soul body. The soul has three functions: thinking, feeling and willing. These are precipitations of the world of the spirit (thinking activity; observation of ideas); the soul itself (feeling capacity, perceiving and distinguishing the feelings) and the one of the life; thee will that expresses itself in our acts (with the will you can try to realize your impulses, strivings and ideals in the physical World rhythmically).

You can order the sciences after these human functions of the consciousness:

*The α-sciences: These explain themselves with the spiritual phenomena and Functions of man and the world, also those that specifically come up in the thinking;

-The languages und their Grammar, as expressions of the human spirit. This is research of the spiritual will (literature amongst others) and its workings in culture. To this belong as well culture and art history.

-Logic and Philosophy, with in it the spirit workings in the feeling; when healthy, the thoughts are being probed in their flow with the feeling for truth (which the mere intellectual culture has lost).

-Mathematics; the concepts of the spiritual world, the ideas, in their ultimate precipitation in mass, weight and/or number, or expressing itself by workings like force relations, that can reveil movements in space.

-Music/Harmony doctrine; the spiritual laws which express in the musical divisions measure, rhythm and tonality, and in the counterpoint.

*The γ-sciences explains itself with the world of the soul of inner-human, inter-human relations and the connections of man with the world of culture:

-Psychology investigates the inner-human development; the phenomena in the human soul in itself.

-Sociology investigates the inter-human relations and conduct.

-Pedagogy investigates the laws and effects of human growth all through the phases of life.

-Judicature investigates the human individuality and its position on the earth, between other people; es hat zu tun mit diese Interaktion (wann dieses Fachgebiet auf Wert und Wahrhaftigkeit angehen det wird). Hierunter gehört auch die Politikwissenschaft.

– History approaches man and his relation to the survival strategies that have been created by him as cultural premises. 

– Social geography and anthropology consider man and folk in their relation to the place upon Earth where they dwell, and in their cultural development.

– Economy approaches and investigates the human behaviors to build up for himself and his surroundings on the base of means that he got from nature an existence that is founded in the physical, as well as the exchange of goods he develops therewith.

The β-sciences investigate the world of phenomena in and around us as being manifested will, that can express until in the physical.

– Biology investigates the behaviors of the living (which not only is limited to the activities and condensing of substances as foot prints of life processes, such as almost exclusively happens nowadays).

– The natural sciences investigate the world of physical manifestations:

  *astronomy – movements of and research after the heavenly bodies.

  *chemistry – the dance of the substances within nature.

  *physics – the workings of the substances and forces in matter;

  *under this can be considered geology and climatology as well.

-The technique develops practical societal applications in the areas being mentioned:

  *artificial intelligence

  *moving and cybernetic techniques


All these directions can give rise to theognomy; the inner development all through the connection with the phenomena, through which one can learn in experiencing and acting how the Angels look like and work, and ultimately how God works through His creation. To this belongs vivid doctrine of the Angel hierarchies, that of the natural beings, their reciprocal connections and their work in and on man and the revealed world. This asks for some explanation.

Herewith has only been tried to indicate the relations to man, to be able to acknowledge on which level of being one moves, and what laws one can meet there. It is not the meaning to turn back the tendency to do interdisciplinary research, but just to get the laws within these more clear.

There has been started with the physical world as being a precipitation of the higher worlds, and not of the cause of the phenomena out of themselves. That creates clarity, and gives keys to a real understanding and research methodology for workings in and on the earthly reality. The renewed star wisdom can let shine a new light on this, and collect it in a covering framework. 

A closer interpretation out of Astrosophy

In 1923 with Rudolf Steiner has started the initiative to the new Mysteries, out of Anthroposophy. To this aim he invited almost thousand representatives of very diverting spiritual directions from all over the world. These have all said ‘yes’ to this new impulse. Besides a physical building (the 2nd Goetheanum) and social organizational structures, he then initiated as well the Free High School for Spiritual Sciences. This initially started with 7 sections. They are connected to the planetary influences in the following way:

*Natural Sciences                                         (Moon)

*Art of Healing                                               (Mercury)

*Sciences of Beauty                                     (Venus)

*General or Social Section, later on broadened out with Youth Affairs and Education (the Sun)

*Music and Speech Formation Art, Eurythmy  (Mars)

*Plastic Arts                                               (Jupiter)

*Astronomy and Mathematics                           (Saturn)

There were also Schooling methods on mostly the imaginative level; the levels of Inspiration and Intuition were only indicated as directions. In ancient times however there wer two currents in the spiritual field: the Mysteries of the Light – these lead to clairvoyance, the Imagination. And the other one of the Darkness – these lead to Inspiration/Clear Feeling and Hearing; and to Intuition/Clear Willing. These Mysterie currents were strictly separated. By Christ at the cross these have been brought together through that he connected His mother and the disciple John with each other: “Son behold your Mother, Mother behold your Son”. The Mother had become clairvoyant while she remained erect with the suffering of her Son; John was the resurrected Lazarus, a Singer who was inspirational initiated through his death and resurrection. Both should behold one another. On the level of the soul the development of freedom is possible, on the level of the life body you can develop love through living into each phenomenon and being out of compassion and act out of it, which can make us into Spirits of Freedom and Love (and Mary and John were here the archetype for what each human cab develop within himself and with other humans to become a completer human); the Mother when she sees what the Son does in the life worlds and understands this, the Son through applying the conscious powers of insight from the Mother so that he can observe what he does in this for the consciousness dark realm, and to distinguish to where his acts in the life world will lead him. They both need each other, but are very distinct. The Mother observes the spirit working with and out of the soul world and the organs of observation in it (basically the feelings); the Son with his directing and acting observes the germs and processes in the life world, and his insights reveil themselves only after having acted (because he only then can form flashes of light ether around the gestures which are life-formative forces).

In former times the Mother and Son Mysteries were separated in the Light (Spirit Chalice or Spirit Self) and the Dark Mysterie (Spirit Substance; the Whine and the Bread, Life Spirit and Spirit Man). Rudolf Steiner has tried to bring these two together in the Christmas congregationin 1923 as mentioned, but his elaboration and focus was with the Mother, Anthropo-Sophia – Mother Sophia brought into man, who can be realized within by each human. Mother behold your Son. The other side, the Son, Word or Logos Mysteries blog to the dark Mysteries. Son behold your Mother.

Mu karmic research showed my that both Mystery currents, and as well two others that have not been mentioned here, by their spiritual leaders and main representatives, were present at the initiation of the new mysteries, Christmas 1923, and were also represented in the board. So these were really the new Mysteries, that because these were spoken out in public, they have become a public character (in opposition to the ones in antiquity, where the revelation of its contents were forbidden – you became capital punishment for this). Of these mysteries Anthroposophy in itself is just one, namely the one of the Mother (Sophia). Because of fights in the Anthroposophie board and union after Steiners death shortly hereafter, two main representatives have been expelled, amongst which the the carrier of the Word or Son Mysteries. Because of this the General Anthroposophical Union is no longer the carrier of the new mysteries, just of Anthroposophy plain, and moving in a direction that is little open and hence doubtful.

Then what contains the completion, the Dark Mysteries, Word or Son of Man side of the original renewed Mysteries? To this helps the first passage of Johns Evangelium; ”In the beginning were the Word . . . and it has become flesh and lived amongst us.” The Worlt Word, brought on the Earth by Christ, Gods Son, has descended from the starry worlds and the planets (it comes from even higher worlds, which express themselves in the stars and planets), and all through the human bodies has condensed itself until in the physical human body. At the same time Christ brought the ‘I AM’, so his individual Ego as a spirit droplet, germ for development. This occurs when with the Baptizing in river Jordan the Buddhi-dove (=Life Spirit) descends into Jezus, making him the carrier of Christ. It is absorbed into the physical body that has been prepared since long through heredity. This Life Spirit (and Spirit Man, stayed behind on the Sun by Christus) is the already become Son of Man as the is mentioned in the Apocalyps. John, while he had opened up his inner inspirational ear, catches this Life Spirit: hence his saying in his Evangelium about the World Word that was already before it has created man and the Earth.

Now back to our starting point. In the planetary spheres snd star constellations this World Word is written down as a germ for development, bevor it has incorporated in Christ upon the Earth, as a plan for the becoming of man and the Earth. Out of the renewed star wisdom, Astrosophy (from Sophia, the force of insight), you can try to decipher these Word forces. Via Astrophony, the directed learning to listen to cosmic sounds and understand these, and Astrognomy, acknowledging the in stars and planets, and also in every phenomenon and being worked in form-willing gesture as germs of becoming, originating from te stars, which you can help with their development, all through living in and acting you can further the development of the Son of Man until into a full-fletched spiritual being. In the stars and planets stands the archetype of man; out of this the world can be understood (Mother Sophia; Astrosophy) and also be made effective by living yourself (Son of Man; Astrophony and Astrognomy). The in the Jasper School developed methods of communal singing and clay modeling give tools to these, while these work out of the heart that is balancing probing for the truth, and thus offer secure possibilities for the growth of the Son of Man within, then it works out of the balancing, moral testende middle.

And in this way you can also consider the renewal of art and science if you are looking for significance. This is a form of religion, because it reconnects man through the observations with the workings of the spirit, and not just through observation and growth of insights in the workings, but also that you can act in these – the already described Moral Technique that makes possible the observation while acting while you just can form a skin of light ether around significant gestures with which you can observe in the life worlds. Between observation and acting lays the free creative realm of art. When being free creatively acting in the objectively observed workings in man you develop the faculties in acting and out of cosmic effects and laws, without that you need to limit yourself through these: when you go along with these and act through them, you make much more possible artistically.

A renewed High School or University can be erected out of the archetype of manne the in it hiding possibilities for transformation of his soul functions thinking, feeling and willing. There thus arises a threefoldness:

– the transformation of the thinking that leads to spiritual insight legitimates Spiritual Science – this when you want to search consequently for the significance of the phenomena – and cannot conclude otherwise than that this originates in the spirit that works unto matter and the realms laying in-between. You then work on the imaginative consciousness, clairvoyance or the imagination. In relation to the Holy Supper you here have to deal with the Grail chalice. The planet that coheres with this is Uranus.

– the transformation of the life of feeling into Clear Feeling you can reach when in art you apply the objective workings and explain yourself in and with the soul in playing and creating. Art then turns into what you can call Objective Art. This explanation can only lead to the opening of new sense gates to the worlds of the life and the spirit – supposing that you strive for significance and hence not deny the spirit. This path leads to the development of inspiration, which means you learn to observe the inner guidance in processes from out of the feeling, and while acting you try to find the way in this yourself. In the Holy Supper this was the whine; the Grail substance of the blood that transforms. The planet that coheres with this is Neptune.

– you can achieve the transformation of the will life while in acting with the phenomena to which you feel attracted, you ask yourself how the good can develop from these. From this you develop which is called Moral Technique; you practice to acknowledge and stimulate the good in the things and circumstances. In acting you as well open the organs of observation for the willing germs for development in yourself and the things and beings and here may show the possibilities for the realization in the circumstances given. In the Holy Supper this was the bread as future body of Christ, while through death and resurrection He became the overlord of the Earth. The planet cohering with this is Pluto.

Summarized taken from: Science Otherwise, Rune Book 1998.