The Widar Community

Third meeting of the Widar Community, a church in foundation process

Time: Sunday evening 26 november, first Advent Sunday from 20 – 22.30 h. Income from 19.30 hours
Aart van der Leeuwlaan 12, Delft.
Entrance: Free spending

We meet one another herewith in a positie way, astune ourselves to Mother Earth asnd her creaturen at the one side, with the angels of the stars at the other side, and predominantie to ourselves and one another. We exchange what moves us. A conventional part attunes you to the spiritual aspect of the year, in this case Advent time and coming Xmas time. And we close off with a piece of music.

Come forward via or call +31-6-40228769. Or via our contact form

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About the Widar Community in foundation process

A church community – isn’t that old?

Sure, that is why we have doubted strongly about this form. The advantages however are:

-we really like to come together with more people to celebrate the re-connection to our fellow men, cosmos and the Earth; religion in the true sense of the word

-we can meet and exchange what we experience on all levels of the life, like on the spiritual level, despite each others origine and religious conviction, as long as this serves the development of man and the Earth in a positive manner.

-we develop rituals to honor heaven as well as the Earth and all her inhabitants. Important with this is Mother Earth and the development of ourselves and the Earthj all through the earthly physical existence.

-we offer a cloack and basis for the Fjodor Dome,the mankind building in which all our possibilities to develop are rendered in the spaces and shapes.

When we brought up this cummunity, there appeared to be animo from different sides. Which stimulatie us to actually start realizing it.


We work with the methods of Astrosophy, the new star wisdom, that connects heaven and earth all through us. Through thuis we as well can make directe music all through ourselves to at the one side connect to the kosmos, at the other side the Earth and her beings. This occurs by the righteous attunement. This forms the basis to our way of acting in for example the healing of man and the Earth, and also gatherings.

With our gatherings we follow the religious pace of the year, as this has taken shape in different cultures but predominantie the western-Christian one. We want to gather each month minimum. For special occasions, cosmic-earthly events and year feasts we hold extra meetings that are being filled in adequately.

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How does a gathering look like?

1 Welcome music with attunement

2 Connecting to Mother Earth and the shamballa all through her veils of counterworkings

3 Singing of the mood of the moment, accompanied with the music of the planets on the lyre or harp

4 Connecting to a star constellation angel all through the organ/planetary spheres

5 Exchange of each member is doing, what moved him or her in the days passed (when too large, we split up in smaller groups)

6 Contentional part, dependent of the season and in relation to the religious feasts

7 Musical terminalion and talking afterwards

*These attunements vary in relation to the religious year. But what is described above gives you a good impression of such a gathering.

Planned gatherings:

Sunday evening 28 November 1st Advent

Tuesday evening 21 December winter solstice, preparation of the Christmas time

Thusday evening 6 Januar Epiphany

Wednesday evening 2 Februar Maria Lightmess

Wednesday evening 2 March Ash wednesday

Sunday evening 10 April Palm Sunday, preparation of the Eastern week

Wednesday evening 25 May for Ascension day

Friday evening 3 June preparation for Pentecost

Friday evening 24 June Saint John