Social impulse

Fjodor strives for the Realisation of a renewed Highschool that stands within society, that feeds itself from it and inspires. It consists of the next three sections:

– Science that is directed boards the spirit through schooling of the thinking, and that has aself impregnated by the Imagination (spiritual science)
– Objective Art that investigates and elaborates the workings within Man, Nature and Cosmos in artistic creations. This offers possibilities to perceive the inner conduct in processes and apply these. This creates tools to develop inspirational faculties
– Moral Technique that strives for realization of the good which hides in germs of development within phenomena and beings. Such a technique helps to develop clear willing, the intuitive consciousness.

These three Sections are closely interwoven, which makes these fertilize one another.

About the social Impulse

Fjodor closely cooperates with different organizations and initiatives internationally. In Amsterdam there was the ‘Bruisvat/The Roaring Kettle living room highschool’, where until in 2003 there have been organized regular meetings, lectures and courses. Fjodor arose from a youngster platform in Amsterdam, called the Dynamic Tuesday. Out of Fjodor in cooperation with this youngster platform cursussen there have been organized courses and workshops with an artistic and acting character. Magazine ‘Bruisvat/the Roaring Kettle for cultural renewal’ was its mouthpiece for a stretch of time. After this came magazine ‘Sampo for Transformation’, en since 2017 ‘Starwise’.
Besides Fjodor is associated with a scala of initiatives and production units on a spiritual, cultural and economical level. To be named are schooling center ‘Einkidoe’ te Zutphen, the ‘Rune-Workshop‘ in Waddinxveen with books, sculptures, courses, musical instruments and music theater, Lifeflows and Healingworkz in Rotterdam, foundation the ‘SoilMoistureConcern’ in Schagen and different individual active artists and scientists.Outside of the Netherlands can be mentioned The World Warf in Olen, Belgium, Shieldbrook Sculpture Garden in Kings Caple, England, Harpa in Alverco, Portugal, Atelier Lichtbringer in Vianna, Austria, Waldorf School in Darmstadt-Eberhard and Studio Tiller in Germany.
The Jasper schooling courses are being given all over Europe. To find a better concretization of the methods and courses there is being strived for a central work- and course space, consisting of more rooms. For now this is found in Waddinxveen, besides the railway station. and the Jasper School organise here and also on other locations meetings, sometimes with a theme, courses, little congresses, presentations and small performances, dependant on the question being posed; where initiatives can resound and are being stimulated when possible and can get shape in projects. Important is here the character of meeting and exchange. Here may resound each one’s inner experiences, without any judgement about the person or his or her background. For the projects is being strived for ateliers and work spaces, as well as funding resources to keep researchers free from the economical.

About the social-organisational impulse

In order to bundle the with Fjodor allied activities, of which Fjodor is the co-initiator, an d as well to give the individual impulses of the particiipants a chance, there has formed over al long stretch of time a cooperation lien at which lays as its basis a sevenfolded organisation. In this, the participating people have learned to recognize and acknowledge each others impulses, and when they needed support from and with each other, then there is searched for the realization of these within the lien of cooperation. This demands an open attitude towards each other, and an attitude of devotion, responsibility to each others being and destiny. There has arisen a free-willed tasking within the lien, in which each one can unfold his initiatives, without that the own developed activities (in work, institution or foundation) are being hindered – the open character stays guaranteed through this. The lien has functioned over a longer time. Now the impulse and the lien is up to a change and renewal of persons. And this sevenfold lien has been taken over by other initiatives and organizations, like some Waldorf schools in Germany and the Netherlands.

This sevenfold organizational structure is based upon observations of the divisions within man (his life processes) and within human organizations, such as companies, and comes forth from astrosophy. The issue at stake here is namely the possibility for a higher (Archangel) being to be incorporated in such a lien of cooperation and conduct it in an inspirational way. Through this the participants by making clear their own impulses and elaborate these, probe their own insights and knowledge with and at one another, through which the wisdom that stems from the spiritual world (mother Sophia) can regroup around the in each participant present individual and now bundled insights.
This organic sevenfoldness consists of:

– A person or group of people occupied with research, and who makes connections between knowledge and experiences, which stem from the past. Therewith and/or besides this does research out of concrete questions which can create new developments and possibilities towards the future. These questions and research lie close at hand, viz. in the domain of action: daily life, work, meeting each other. In a company this comes down to the research and development department. In a company this is called the research section (Saturn division, is coherent with our spleen process).

– A person or group of people occupied with shaping ideas about occurring phenomena and processes, within and outside the organization. Visions are developed out of these, by which one is able to explain these phenomena and apply them in actions that can be pursued within the organization (however, the making of decisions take place in the policy-gathering organ; see the Sun/Heart – division). Often this is referred to as the Think Tank and the organ of planning. Here one can also think of teaching and training activities developed out of the results of research and practice. In a spiritual sense it also contains guidance in schooling. (Jupiter division, coheres with our liver process).

– A person or group of people who take(s) initiatives, who awaken initiatives of other participants and who also help to realize these by creating a space for it or search(es) for ways to do so. In companies this is often referred to as the level of management. However, here it has its own space to enable the forthcoming and development of initiatives, and it is not merely focused on executing that what it is being instructed to do. (Mars division, cohering with our gall process).

– A person or group of people who take(s) care of the communication within the organization, helps with the mediation in problems that arise and make(s) sure that the interaction between divisions goes smoothly. If necessary this organ also notes down the various decisions made by the other divisions. It is also occupied with a sound social setting in the company, and it arranges occasions to meet one another. In companies this is referred to as the administration (accounting office) and secretariat. However, here it is destined to have an active part in the social sphere, with an emphasis on the artistic side which can help people to open up in their souls and lift them up, so communication can go smoother. (Venus division, cohering with our kidney process).

A person or group of people who take(s) care of the contacts with others and with people outside of the organization, e.g. through sales and trade in products, through purchasing, taking care of opportunities to meet and a smooth flow of information from and to the company. The maintenance of contacts within a social and economic network. In companies often referred to as the Purchasing and Sales department, as well as that of Marketing and Public Relations. (Mercury division, in coherence with our lung process)

– The division(s) in a company of organization that consists of different units of manufacturing; these can be initiatives within this organizational unity which produce various goods; also private initiatives, small companies, a cooperative entities, but also households, families, or living communities, because these have a direct concern within the Economy. (Moon division; in coherence with our reproductive/sex organs).

– A policy-gathering and policy-deciding organ. Here representatives of the other six (6) organs/divisions have their seat, are the things of (current) interest discussed, the red-thread decisions shaped and made, and is the course of policy decided upon. Each division has a certain autonomy for which it received a mandate; however in matters that concern the entire organization, there needs to be a broad carrying plain of approval, if something needs to succeed. Within this policy-deciding organ there is total equality under the represented divisions. The chairman and notulist change regularly among the representatives. (Sun’s organ; in coherence with the heart process).

The work community is open; each representative jumps in where he feels it is needed, and then binds himself to it for an agreed period. Besides this he can work as well in other divisions, and also in other work liens of cooperations. Within this lien however he is responsible for the task he has taken up. The schooling methods are directed to get this organic structure clear, in itself as well as in its surroundings.

From this seven fold lien of cooperation arise three concentric circles of people and organisations. An outer ring consists of companies, production unities, families and liens of living together that are connected to the lieb of cooperation. In the inner circle lay the divisions that execute research and that suggest lines of conduct (these however are not isolated and locked in, but can only function in and out of the production, in accordance with the acting character of the research and the ones that feel into the inner and outer associations). There is a middle circle with platforms for meeting, where initiatives can resound, and where encounters can take place.
As follows:

Inner circle:
*Thinking tank, education

Middle circle:
*Initiative platform / management (executive organ)
*Inner environment and meeting; secretarial point *Weighing and conducting organ

Outer circle:
*Contact network with the external; buys and sales
*Production, living-working unities, network of production unities, companies

The three concentric circles within an organic sevenfold organization

From different working liens that can arise in the course of time, cohering liens can maintain contact, as an associative network of producers, initiatives and companies. Concerning for instance research and policy making it thus can prohibited that the wheel is reinvented over and over again. Besides through further formation of associations the reciprocal exchange and trade can lead to pluriform production, instead of mere concurrence.
Inside the kernels of thus organized working liens can develop renewed activities in art and science, carried by the economical and social bed. This can spread out geographically, and thus provokes multiformity of spiritual life.
So to make this social-organisational impulse effective in broader circles within society and culture, can arise from the initiatives that are alienated with Fjodor, interested produceert and companies an associative network, which with reciprocal knowledge cn form ad hoc projects. To this belong as well the spenders that make possible the different developments. Fjodors task within the described lien of cooperation is the stimulation of research and the revelation of those results, out of which can arise an inner kernel of research, and ultimately a highschool with the three levels mentioned, because it will be carried. Of course initially each Saturn division in a lien of cooperation to be formed, which is possible anywhere, has the kernel of such a high school within, while research calls this forth by itself.
These social and organisational impulses hence form a bed for the high school activities to be formed, and ultimately as well the schooling building Fjodor Dome and the social, culture and spirit developing activities taking place in it.