In accordance with our vision of the threefold sections for inner development, you find here the projects with which we are occupied over a longer stretch of time:

Spiritual Science:

High School activities; the Jasper School, to be certified as an official school

Jasper Schooling courses

Educations ‘Practical Astrosophy; Inner Development and Landscape Healing’ – and ‘Astrophony, Sounds and Rhythms of the Cosmos’

-Translations of the online educations

Schooling days Son of Man, monthly

-Translations of the Rune books into English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese, like Self Realisation, in which all the schooling methods (in translation)

-Jasper Newsletter, Magazine Starwise; to be translated into English, German

Objective Art:

Music on CD, of songs, music pieces and of the planets and the stars

Weekday Exercises, with texts, planet and chakra music, and movements; booklet and video DVD of the gestures.

Music theater group LaukaR Unja

-Choir Via Natura with songs of the colours in the atmosphere, the growth of trees and songs to the Angel groups – to be translated

The translation of music theater plays

-Star Constellations as Ideals; Elaborated in the books ‘A Philosophy of Love’ and ‘Working with the Star Constellations Ideals’ (translated into English) and Videos of the Star Constellation Ideals as Gestures on the Base of Music (translated into English)

An atelier for the Rune instruments; Lyres, Guitars and Violins out of the zodiacal Star Constellation Form Gestures

-Translation of the Moon and Mercury dance into English and German; developing more Planetary Dances and Mantric Texts

Moral Technique:

Coaching, Organization Training

-Refining rhythmical forging

An atelier for gold and silver Jewelry as Talisman

Landscape Healing

Temple-Theater Building The Fjodor Dome