Elemental Beings

Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-attribuut; de bestandsnaam is Dans-met-rituele-deva-300x300.jpg

All the phenomena in and around us have been penetrated and maintained by the Spirits of Nature that live in the four elements. They usually are called Elemental Beings. They take care of the life in the shapes and contours, the life processes, the colours and the feelings, and the warmth processes. In energetic landscapes it is them that determine the life as well as the mood. We cooperate often with them in our landscap healing projects. Hence we involve them in our cultural activities, by for instance develope music especially for them and as well play it for them. The long Song of Becoming, Decay and Healing is an example of this: it teaches them to get along with the counter striving forces and beings by acknowledging these in their workings.

Elemental Beings are the thoughts of different Angels, and they execute what their creator intends. Thus they have been banished into the elements to maintain these and paus the phenomena in these. As well as in us. So it is good to connect to them and cooperate. We have to manage the Earth together.