Energetic landscape unity, called a ‘temple’

You need to make a distinction here between the Angels of heaven and of the Earth.

The Angels of heaven live in the cosmos of planets and stars: each of the nine Angel groups ordered hierarchical by their leven of consciousness inhabits a sphere, that are situated around the Earth concentrically. From them come the Elemental Beings, through which they give shape to and maintain the forms, circumstances, relations and phenomena on the Earth. There have been written rituals and ritual sayings and music, with which we can get in contact at the different religious tests all through the year.

Planet And Angel Spheres 1

A special group of heavenly Angels are those that dwell in the star constellations. They cohere with our ideals. There have been developed specific initiation paths within the Jasper School.

The Angels of Mother Earth maintain the energetic landscapes in that they arrange and direct the Elemental Beings in it. Also the plant Angels, which are the genius of each plant species. And they work in health and sickness within man. They are more active on and towards the Earth as very serving Angels. We cooperate with these when we perform landscape healing projects.

For all the groups of Angels there have been developed ritual texts, music and rituals to get in contact with them and support. Within Fjodor they are very important to manage the Earth together, with the help of the Elemental Beings. Hence that they strongly belong to the cultural impulse.