A Foundation for the renewal of Science, Art and Culture

out of Astrosophy

This Foundation has as ist goal to support the inner work through practical Astrosophy, as this is Elaborate within the Rune Workshop and the Jasper School, as well as with the Landscape Healing Projects. Intentional and as well financial. The Foundation exists from 1996 onwards.

This Foundation has more specifically as its goal to support and stimulatie Scientific, Artistic and Practical Work that derives from the renewed star science Astrosophy. Herewith it aims to give our culture a new Impulse out of this Star Wisdom. In the Starry Sky (Stars and Planets) are written down the Ideas for the Realisation of Man and the Earth. When you can interpret and as well apply this scripture, you can concretize this development all through you. The interpretation does Astrosophy, the applications from it do Astrophony and Astrognomy. This is a renewed Anthroposophy, that is extended with the methods for the development of Inspiration – clear feeling, hearing and directing – and of Intuition – clear observing of willing impulses and of acting.

We concretize an Academy for Spiritual Science, Objektive Art and moral Technique. This helps to develop in each human the slumbering forces of the Son of Man, or the World Word, which we know as our Inner Child, while we make up the schooling methods to this and insights that derive from it. This renewed school for spirit impulses stads within society, from where it nourishes itself and gets inspired. It consists of the following sections:

  1. Spiritual Science. A science that enriches itself by cultivating and direct the thinking towards the workings of the Spirit, which makes it filled with the imaginative consciousness. This is the consciousness of the clairvoyant. Its base is Astrosophy, developed within the Rune Workshop.
  2. Objective Art. A way of practicing art that looks for the effects of the Cosmos upon Man, within Nature and within the Universe as art creations. This offers possibilities to perceive and apply the inner guidance within processes, which means the possibillities to develop inspirational faculties (clear feeling and hearing). It is the consciousness of the initiate that one develops with this. A base to this is Astrophony.
  3. Moral Technique. A Technique that tries to develop the good which Hildes within each phnenomenon and being. Such a technique can help with the development of clear willing, the intuitive consciousness. With it you can develop the consciousness of the magician; the creative forces of the Son of Man. The basis to these are the working methods of Astrognomy.

To this aim the Foundation and its associates have developed some initiatives. The initial research in Astrosophy has been done by Nicholas M. de Jong, goethean scientist, astrosopher, artist, musician and writer. Through investigation in goethean science, courses and workshops he investigated the workings of the stars and planets within man and nature in such a manner that he could turn these into tools to penetrate the worlds of life, the soul and the spirit. To this aim he first expanded and complemented astrology and astronomy with the insights of Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy that man has four interweaving bodies, these being a physical and a life/etheric body, a soul and a spirit. The insights that arose from these in the workings of the stars and planets can be captured by Astrosophy, or wisdom about the stars and planets. Working method for research was the science as developed by Goethe, of which Nicholas has expanded and elaborated the higher steps through sonic and form research. This has been precipitated in different books, published under Rune Books (see under www.runeworkz.com).

On request from different sides since 1993 there have arisen schooling projects paths, wherewith the methods of research and working of Astrosophy in the inner and outer worlds have been developed and refined. This is given shape within the Jasper School. The basis of the working methods in goethean science are improvisational singing (to connect the soul with the phenomena) and clay modelling what participants have perceived and observed in the different realms of the life, the soul and the spirit. It has also resulted in the starting of the Fjodor Foundation. New participants have joined in and Nicholas worked as well abroad (US, Europe). At different sites there have arisen courses and working liens.

In the discours towards a bundled Spiritual High School the Foundation wants to further that there will be elaborated actively at multiple sites on vitality, healing and inner growth. To this multiple disciplines are being brought together. This entails preventive health care and active participation, that has as an aim the healing of people and organizations.

The active carriers of today, Marion Groenendal and Nicholas de Jong, are looking for a suited location in the center of the Netherlands to ground a course and schooling hold and other activities of this High School. And as well an atelier in which there can be worked on sculptures, musical instruments and other moral-technical products.

Their cooperation is a direct effect of renewed Antroposophy, as it has been initiated in 1923 by Rudolf Steiner: herewith the new mysteries were started under the guidance of Antroposophy, in which the representatives of all serious spiritual currents from all over the world were present and parcipitated. Marion Groenendal and Nicholas de Jong feel deeply connected to this. Marion organizes connecting and en curative workshops and events via Lifeflows. She predominantly works out of eastern traditions, like Universal Healing TaoQuantum Touch en through practicing Tibetan buddhism (Tummo); Nicholas out of his co-initiating backgrounds with the Essenes, American Indians, Celts, Templars, Rosecrusians and Anthroposophy, and now the further elaborations of these in  Astrosophy. They find each other in working out of and towards the life worlds and from here towards the worlds of the soul and the spirit. They cooperate over 13 years, as compagnons and as life partners.

A focus of their cooperation is the music out of the Harmony of the Spheres, elaborated by Nicholas, which he applies to the horoscope. Marion works with this music method with multiple handicappend people, with beatiful results. Nicholas works with this method at landscape healings and as a support with the inner development of the people he guides. This is a concrete elaboration of Astrophony.

Ulitimately there is being worked towards the realisation of the schooling building the Fjodor Dome, in which the inner gestures that codeer with the development of the inner child that can grow out until the Son of Man, our creative great spiritual being, and thus with the forces of the Word, can become visible until in the spatial manifestation. There are designs, a booklet and video representations of this building.

Some Projects:

Spiritual Science:

-High School Activities; the Jasper School, to be accredited as a recognized School (in process)

-Jasper Schooling courses, life and online (to be translated in English)

-Educations in practical Astrosophy; working with the life world and the inner child; Astrophony, Sounds and Rhythms of the Cosmos; and in astrognomy, Working on your Star Cloth

-Schooling days Son of Man, monthly

-Translations of the Eine Books in English, German, French, Spanish und Portuguesian

-Jaspis News, magazine Starwise; a start in English

Objective Art:

-Music theatre group LaukaR Unja with the Project ‘Once’ (to be translated)

-Choir Via Natura with songs of Colour Images in the weather and atmosphere, and the growth of plants (in translation)

-Star Constellations as Ideals; explained and Elaborate in the books ‘A Philosophy of Love'(to be translated) and ‘Working with the Star Constellation Ideals’ (translated) and ‘Videos of the Star Constellation Ideals as Gestures on Music’

-Rune Lyres and Violins out of the Zodiacal Star Constellation Form Gestures

-The Development of multiple Planet Dances and mantric Textst (in process)

Moral Techniques:

-Management-collective; coaching, mediation, Organization Training

-Development and Refinement of rhythmical forging

-Atelier for gold and silver jewelry als talismans, out of the star constellations

-Landscape Healing

-The Tempel-Theater building the Fjodor Dome

Graalsei binnen 2013-01-30 (12.04.32-221 AM)

Astrosophy is Love for the knowledge of the stars

that goes through the heart:

Insight becomes Wisdom,

and through weighing and playing in love

this can be Applied on development

in physical existence, in life, the soul and the spirit.

See for a first Impression of Temple Theatre the Fjodor Dome here.

And for a longer Introduction see here.